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Flexidisc sander

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Standard plate     Mini plate

Shown at same scale

Mini with 75 mm Polishing cap.

75 mm Mini plate replaces the 125 mm plate on the Flexidisc for sanding in confined areas.

Item comes with 3 discs and is available separately or in the Professional Pack.

Mini Plate & Discs

75 mm Mini plate

Long life discs   75 mm

   1   Coarse     60 grit

   1   Medium  150 grit

   1   Fine        220 grit

Insert shaft

Fit nut and tighten

Unscrew the black plastic nut on the Flexidisc, it has a left hand thread so unscrew clockwise.

Push out the shaft and fit into the Mini plate. Fit the plastic nut and tighten securely.

A Mini Polishing Cap also fits this plate.

When re-fitting the standard plate ensure the locating pip on the plate locates in the hole in the shaft.

Tighten the plastic nut securely.

The Packs page contains pictures showing how to re-assemble the Flexidisc.


Standard plate              Mini plate

Shown at same scale

Size comparisons

How it goes together

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